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Instant ClearJel - 8 oz.
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Instant ClearJel - 8 oz.

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Thickens the juices in your pie so you can slice it. Highly concentrated, so combine with sugar before using. Excellent for pies that will be frozen, either before or after baking.


8 ounces of Instant ClearJel, in a reusable plastic jar with lid. Made in the USA. Enough for about 6 pies.

  • Kosher.

Store cool and dry.


The amount of ClearJel you need depends on the juiciness of your fruit. Apples are not quite dry but have a lot of pectin, natural thickener; use about 1 to 2 tablespoons of ClearJel in a typical 9" pie. Berries can be very juicy; a raspberry or mixed berry pie will probably need 3 to 5 tablespoons ClearJel, depending in whether you want the filling to be somewhat runny, or very stiff. Even using the maximum amount of ClearJel will result in a pleasing, "soft" gel, unlike the stiff, hard gel you'd get with gelatin.

ClearJel has slightly more thickening power than flour, so if your recipe calls for flour as a thickener, use the same amount of Clearjel, or slightly less. If the recipe calls for cornstarch or tapioca, use the same amount of Clearjel. To prevent clumping, be sure to mix Clearjel with the sugar in the recipe before combining with fruit.